The 5 Best WooCommerce Themes for 2018 (Free & Premium)

Best WooCommerce Themes for 2018

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As of December 2017, according to, over 40% of all online stores are powered by WooCommerce. And according to, it’s actively running on over 3 million websites.

If you’ve chosen WooCommerce to run your online store, it’s an excellent choice. Now you must begin your search for the best WooCommerce theme for your store.

That is likely why you landed on this page, and I’m here to make your job easier.

I’ve spent hours researching and testing out WooCommerce themes from all corners of the internet, and have compiled this list of the absolute best. Use the links below to…

  • jump straight to the top 5
  • browse a few free WooCommerce themes that we recommend
  • check out other premium themes that we recommend
  • or read through our FAQ to learn a little more about WooCommerce

WooCommerce Themes: Table of Contents

The 5 Best WooCommerce Themes for 2018

These are the absolute best WooCommerce themes in the world today. We thoroughly evaluated all the themes on this list, and these 5 rose to the top.

1Latest by Array Themes

Array Themes makes some of the most beautiful WordPress themes that money can buy. Their “Latest” WooCommerce theme was designed specifically for ecommerce shops, and it does not disappoint.

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Latest Features/Details:

  • Great for: Any WooCommerce shop, a magazine, food or travel blog
  • Price: $49 (or $89 gets you access to 20+ of Array’s themes)
  • Page Builders: Works seamlessly with any page builder, including one of our favorites, Beaver Builder
  • Plugin Compatibility: Carefully crafted to work with many of the popular WordPress plugins (photo galleries, contact forms, etc.)
  • Child Theme: Includes a child theme so you can make easy customizations
  • Header Message: To announce sales or new products
  • Menus: Use multiple menus, including icons for your social media channels, as well as a product search. Smooth animations on dropdown menus.
  • Blog: 5 different layouts, including 1, 2 & 3 column styles
  • Featured Section: Feature your top-selling product or a big sale with beautiful imagery and a call-to-action button, as well as your 3 most popular shopping categories. You can also feature up to 4 of your favorite blog posts.
  • AJAX-powered Browsing: Quickly browse through products in different categories with beautiful animations, and no page re-loading.

Plus, Array has several themes approved for use on, which means their code meets the highest of standards. Check out Latest below.

2Winkel by Themeum

Winkel is an absolutely gorgeous WooCommerce theme that works perfectly with the Elementor page builder. Perfect for those looking to showcase their products with striking imagery.

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Winkel Features/Details:

  • Great for: Physical products, showcasing beautiful images
  • Price: $69
  • Page Builder: Integrated with the Elementor page builder
  • Plugins: Built-in support for wishlists, currency switching & mega menus
  • Cart + Checkout: Include both on a single page to streamline the user experience
  • Google Fonts: Supports over 800 fonts

Winkel is one of the most polished themes that we could find. They’ve paid close attention to every detail, and truly created something beautiful.

3Flatsome by UX Themes

With over 57,000 purchases to date, the Flatsome theme is the most diverse and flexible WooCommerce theme on our list. It comes with a custom page builder, in which you can design almost anything your mind can imagine. Plus, it comes packaged with 300 pre-built templates to speed up the process.

Their is more of a learning curve with Flatsome, but once you get the hang of it, your possibilities are endless. If you love to get your hands dirty, Flatsome is for you.

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Flatsome Features/Details:

  • Great for: Just about any ecommerce store under the sun
  • Price: $59
  • Page Builder: Comes with it’s own custom-built UX Builder, which includes over 300 pre-defined designs to get you started
  • Google Fonts: Choose from over 700 fonts
  • 8+ individual product layout options
  • Mouse hover product image zoom
  • “Quick view” of products can be opened in a lightbox
  • Works great in catalog mode. You can collect an email address, or just show off the products if they aren’t for purchase.
  • Grid, list or masonry layout for your product listings (categories)
  • AJAX search shows product results instantly
  • Tons of blog post layouts with a bunch of subtle hover animations to make your content pop
  • Excellent documentation & training videos

READ: Our comprehensive Flatsome theme review

I’m usually not a proponent of custom page builders being included with a theme, but this might be the exception. It’s really well done. The Flatsome theme is capable of producing almost any shop design you can think of. It’s no wonder it’s an all-time best-seller.

NOTE: The custom page builder that comes with the Flatsome theme makes it incredibly difficult to switch themes. You cannot easily move your shop’s content from this theme to another. Be ready to use this theme for a long time.

4Shopkeeper by Get Bowtied

The Get Bowtied team focuses exclusively on building premium WooCommerce themes. They currently make 4 themes, and Shopkeeper is their most popular with over 18,000 sales.

Shopkeeper features a bold typography, smooth animations & transitions, and tons of options for customization. If you have beautiful images, you can choose to let Shopkeeper show them off for you, or just let the bold typography speak for itself.

This is an excellent choice for just about any WooCommerce shop.

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Shopkeeper Features/Details:

  • Great for: Any WooCommerce store selling physical products
  • Price: $69
  • Page Builder: Comes bundled with Visual Composer
  • Google Fonts: Includes over 700 fonts
  • 4 different layouts for your individual product page
  • Product image zoom on hover
  • Beautiful transitions between pages, as well as on all interactive elements
  • Custom shop pages (2-6 products per row, breadcrumbs and more)
  • “Quick view” product preview in a lightbox
  • Infinite scrolling, “load more,” and classic pagination options
  • Light vs. Dark color customization options
  • Tons of customization for your shop’s header
  • Over 100 articles in their online documentation

It’s really hard to find any downsides to using Shopkeeper. Beautiful imagery, typography & animations make this an excellent choice for just about any WooCommerce store.

NOTE: Visual Composer is not my favorite page builder, but you might not even need to use it with Shopkeeper. It just depends on the level of custom pages you are creating. For a standard shop with a few static pages, a blog, and a shop, you don’t need to mess with Visual Composer (which would be my recommendation).

5Porto by SW Themes

The Porto theme is one of the most popular WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest with over 14,000 sales and a 4.85/5.00 rating with over 1,300 reviews. It’s hard to ignore a theme like Porto with that much validation behind it.

Porto is incredibly versatile, offering tons of customization options for your header, sidebars and category page layouts. They provide over 30 homepage layouts, all with a unique style to fit your business.

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Porto Features/Details:

  • Great for: Any WooCommerce store selling physical products
  • Price: $39 (for a limited time), regularly $59-$69
  • Page Builder: Comes bundled with Visual Composer & Slider Revolution
  • Versatile: 30 pre-built homepage layouts & demos to quickly get started
  • Compatibility: Compatible with many plugins, including Yoast SEO, bbPress, BuddyPress, as well as several multilingual & currency plugins
  • Tons of layout options for your headers, sidebars & category pages
  • Customizable mega menus built-in
  • Quickly switch between light or dark, boxed or wide designs
  • Product image zoom on hover
  • Supports wishlist, AJAX search & product filtering
  • “Quick view” product preview in a lightbox

Porto is incredibly versatile. You can create a wide variety of WooCommerce shop designs that accommodate many styles.

NOTE: Once again, Visual Composer is not my favorite page builder, and I recommend you do as little with it as possible. It will lock you in to using this theme, and make it difficult to switch in the future.

The Best Free WooCommerce Themes

High-quality, free WooCommerce themes are hard to come by. The truth is, using WooCommerce greatly increases the complexity of a website. There are many aspects of a WooCommerce site that a theme needs to account for, and this is no easy task.

Many free WordPress themes will say they’re built for WooCommerce, but only contain some level of compatibility. Others try to upsell you on the premium version to get the full range of benefits.

My point is this. Be careful using any free WooCommerce theme, especially if selling online goods or services is your main source of revenue. Most premium themes cost under $100 (one-time fee), and to receive updates & support, you pay that once per year. That’s a very small price to pay if you’re making a living selling goods or services online.

Our list of free WooCommerce themes is limited, but we will give you a few that pass our test.

1Storefront by WooCommerce

Storefront is the official theme developed by the team at WooCommerce. It was built for speed, compatibility and extensibility. If you’re looking for a super-clean, no bells and whistles WooCommerce theme that just works, this is the one.

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Storefront Features/Details:

  • Great for: Any WooCommerce shop
  • Price: Free (optional upgrades)
  • Page Builders: Works seamlessly with page builders, including Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin’s PageBuilder and Visual Composer.
  • Child Themes: 2 official, free child themes, as well as a dozen more suited for bookshops, toyshops, department stores, stationery, and more. $39/ea.
  • Extensions: A handful of free extensions to do more with your store, or buy the entire bundle ($69) for complete site customization & control.
  • Schema Markup: For improved SEO performance
  • Accessibility: Adheres to’s strict accessibility requirements
  • Menus: Supports 2 main menus; one for shop/products, and another for account/cart/secondary links.

Storefront’s free extensions include an extra footer widget, product sharing, a sticky add-to-cart button, contact form on homepage and hamburger menu.

Download Storefront

As of now, Storefront is the only free WooCommerce theme that passes our test. As soon as we find other high-quality, free themes, we’ll add them here.

More Premium WooCommerce Themes

The absolute best premium WooCommerce themes were listed in our top 5, but here’s a list of some others you might want to consider. These are all good WooCommerce themes that we recommend, but just not quite as well-rounded as the ones in the top 5.

1Webmarket by ProteusThemes

Webmarket is another beautifully designed theme that comes bundled with just enough features to enhance your store, without adding too much to slow it down.

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Webmarket Features/Details:

  • Great for: WooCommerce shops selling physical goods
  • Price: $199
  • Widgets: Includes 8 ecommerce-specific widgets
  • Menus: Well-designed top navigation with search bar
  • Icons: Over 300 icons, including Font Awesome
  • Blog: The blog layout options are a bit limited

This WooCommerce theme is good, but not great. ProteusThemes makes some incredibly beautiful themes, however, Webmarket is their only ecommerce theme, and it isn’t quite as polished as some of their others.


Check back in 2018 as we will update this section with more premium WooCommerce themes worth checking out.

WooCommerce Themes FAQ

The following is a list of questions & answers for folks just getting started with WooCommerce. If you have a question not listed below, please leave us a comment and we’ll gladly provide you with an answer.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce logo

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps convert your website into an online store. You can sell physical goods, digital products, or set up a site to promote products from another website.

For more background & history, read What is WooCommerce?

After installing the WooCommerce plugin, you should look for a WordPress theme that fully supports WooCommerce.

NOTE: WooCommerce only works on the WordPress platform.

How to install a WooCommerce theme?

Installing a WooCommerce theme is no different than installing a regular WordPress theme.

  1. Download the WooCommerce theme
  2. Locate the theme’s .zip file
  3. Navigate to your WordPress admin area
  4. Go to Appearance > Themes and click Add New
  5. Click Upload Theme
  6. Click Choose File, select the theme .zip file, and then click Install Now

Before you activate your theme, make sure you have installed & set up the WooCommerce plugin.

What’s the difference between a WooCommerce theme vs. a regular WordPress theme?

The main difference between a WooCommerce theme & a WordPress theme is that a WooCommerce theme works seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin. Many WooCommerce themes also provide additional features that only apply to online stores built using WooCommerce.

A regular WordPress theme does not provide support for WooCommerce, and is not to be used for creating an online store.

How much do WooCommerce themes cost?

Most WooCommerce themes cost between $39-$69 USD one-time fee. You can download some themes for free, but these are usually not as high quality, or don’t come with as many features. Some WooCommerce themes cost as much as $200.

How do I customize my WooCommerce theme?

You can customize most WooCommerce themes by using the built-in WordPress Customizer. This allows you to choose various layout options, colors, fonts, icons & more. You can also add custom CSS using the Customizer.

To make large, sweeping changes to your WooCommerce theme, you should create a child theme.

Some themes also provide support for WordPress page builder plugins (like Beaver Builder & Visual Composer), in which case you could use them to create custom page layouts.

Looking for a WooCommerce theme like Amazon?

Amazon Plugin black friday promo

We don’t have any recommendations (yet) for a WooCommerce theme that provides all the same functionality as, but if you’re an Amazon affiliate, check out the AAWP plugin.

What’s the difference between a WooCommerce theme & plugin?

WooCommerce itself is a plugin. There are also many WooCommerce plugins that add even more features to your online store. Plugins almost always add functionality to your shop, whereas WooCommerce themes control the layout & design.

A WooCommerce theme is a necessary component to running a WooCommerce-powered online store. WooCommerce plugins are optional, depending on the features that your site requires.

How to choose the best WooCommerce theme? Our Criteria

Choosing the best WooCommerce theme for your online store will require some research. We tried to make things easier for you with this article, but you’ll still need to test them out for yourself.

Here is a list of the main criteria you should consider when choosing a WooCommerce theme for your business.

  1. Was the theme built by a reputable author?
  2. Does the theme have a responsive design?
  3. Did the author include styles for every aspect of the theme?
  4. Can the theme be customized easily?
  5. Is the theme compatible with other plugins & page builders?
  6. Does the theme support selling physical and/or digital products?

01Reputable Author

Was the WooCommerce theme built by a well-respected theme developer or company? Is there an easy way to access support?

Do a little research by googling the theme name and the theme author/company.

02Responsive Design

Every WooCommerce theme needs to look great on all screen sizes (desktop, tablet & mobile). If the theme provides a live demo, check it out on your phone.

Chances are, if you don’t find the theme easy to use on your phone, your potential customers won’t either.

03Attention to Detail

With any ecommerce site, there are many styles that need to be accounted for. You should check to see if the theme has truly styled all parts of a WooCommerce shop (product pages, categories, cart, checkout page, etc.).

04Theme Options & Customization

Does the WooCommerce theme allow you to customize it? Do they use the built-in WordPress Customizer, or a less-desirable custom solution?

Not all themes provide access to the backend until after you purchase them, but you can reach out to the author and ask to see all of the customization options. Don’t be afraid to ask how easy it is to create a child theme or override CSS.

05Plugin & Page Builder Compatibility

Does the theme play nice with popular WordPress plugins? This is especially important if you plan to add more functionality to your theme through the use of plugins, such as bbPress, BuddyPress and others.

Also, will the theme support the use of your favorite page builder? Most themes will provide a few different layouts for specific shop pages, but when you want to create a custom landing page, you’ll likely turn to a page builder. There are specific things a theme developer can do to make it easier to work with custom page builders.

Ask about compatibility with Beaver Builder & Elementor.

06Physical vs. Digital Products

Are you selling one, the other, or both? Whatever type of products you decide to sell, make sure your theme supports it. Not all WooCommerce themes will handle digital products the same way. And some might have extra features built in specifically for physical goods.

I hope you found this WooCommerce theme roundup helpful. If you have any questions about choosing the right theme for your site, or have used any awesome themes not on this list, please let me know in the comments.

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