How to Batch Install WordPress Plugins

WPCore - Batch Install WordPress Plugins

For those of us who setup new WordPress installations frequently, installing the same plugins over and over again can get tedious. But we all know there’s a handful of essentials that we include on every site we build. I’ve found the best way to batch install WordPress plugins is by using WPCore.

WPCore is a free site & plugin that allows you to create collections of your favorite WordPress plugins, and then batch install them all at once. A free membership allots 5 collections with 18 plugins each. With a pro account, you can have over 100 collections and 100 plugins per collection.

Batch Install WordPress Plugins Video Tutorial

1. Create an account at WPCore

2. Create a new collection of plugins

  • Once logged in, click the “New” button
  • Give your collection a name, and optionally, a description
  • Choose whether to make it public or private
Batch install WordPress plugins w/ WPCore
WPCore’s collection setup

3. Add plugins to your collection

  • After clicking “Continue,” you can start adding plugins to your collection
  • Type the name of the plugin. If you know the plugin’s slug, that will provide the best results.
  • Select the plugin from the dropdown list. Then click “Add.”
  • Once you’ve added everything you need…
WordPress plugin list in WPCore
WPCore’s list of WordPress plugins in a collection

4. Install the WPCore plugin on your site

  • Go to Plugins > Add New
  • Search for “wpcore”
  • Install the WPCore Plugin Manager plugin
Batch Install WordPress Plugins w/ WPCore
WPCore Plugin Manager in WordPress Admin

5. Add a collection using the collection key from WPCore

  • Navigate to the new menu item, WPCore > Manage Keys
  • Copy the collection key from WPCore, and paste it into the input field on the Manage Keys page
  • Click “Save Collection”
Batch install WordPress plugins from admin area
Add a collection of plugins to your WordPress admin area. Click “Install Plugins.”

6. Install plugins

  • Double-check all your plugins are listed
  • Click “Install plugins”
  • Check the box at the top to select all plugins
  • Go to “Bulk Actions”
  • Choose “Install”
  • Click “Apply”

It’s even easier than the steps above would indicate. If you found a better way to batch install WordPress plugins, please let us know in the comments.

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