Top 10 WordPress Courses for $15 on Udemy

WordPress Courses - Udemy Coupon $10 Black Friday Blowout

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Update: Courses have returned to their regular pricing.

Udemy is a leader in online learning. 13,000 instructors. 35,000 courses. Over 9,000,000 students. The current Udemy Black Friday Sale has 17,000 online courses on sale for between $10-$15. The courses normally run upwards of $199.

If you’re looking for an additional way to learn WordPress (aside from reading WP Smackdown, of course :-)), I’ve picked through Udemy’s huge selection of online classes and compiled a list of the top 10 WordPress courses. They range from beginner courses, to Bootstrap theme development, a plugin development course, WordPress security, and more.

Starting on Nov 20th, the prices have gone up from $10 to $11 dollars. They will increase $1 every other day, until the 27th when all Udemy coupons will expire.

Let’s jump into the list of top WordPress courses… or you could always browse ALL of Udemy’s 17,000 courses for under $15.

1. WordPress For Beginners – $199

With 71 lectures and over 8 hours of video, Andrew Williams will walk you through building a responsive WordPress affiliate site. You’ll learn all the WordPress basics, and have a new website to show for it at the end of the course.

Udemy Coupon - WordPress for Beginners Course

  • 5 stars (127 ratings)
  • 4,500 students enrolled

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2. WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap – $197

Udemy Coupon - WordPress Theme Development Bootstrap

Brad Hussey over at Code College teaches this course, and it has some of the best ratings and most students enrolled of any WordPress course that Udemy offers. If you’ve been itching to get your feet wet with Bootstrap, this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.


  • 5 stars (598 ratings)
  • 9,900 students enrolled
  • Intermediate Level

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3. WordPress 2015 Course – $199

Udemy Coupon - WordPress Course 2015

This one is for beginners. You’ll walk away having built 2 websites during this WordPress course, which you can learn from and expand upon as you continue to learn even after you’ve completed the course.

  • 5 stars (92 ratings)
  • 6,000 students enrolled

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4. Ultimate WordPress Plugin Course – $97

Udemy Coupon - WordPress Plugin Course

This one requires basic understanding of WordPress, HTML, Javascript & PHP, as Joel Funk teaches you how to build an email marketing plugin (like Mailchimp).

  • 5 stars (16 ratings)
  • 1,300 students enrolled
  • Intermediate Level (Basic HTML, Javascript, PHP knowledge required)

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5. Create Your Website with WordPress Course – $199

Create Website WordPress Course - Udemy Coupon

Michael Shen starts with hosting, and then walks you through every aspect of the WordPress admin area—Dashboard, Posts, Pages, Media, Themes, Plugins & Users. You’ll have a solid foundation for how to build a site with WordPress.

  • 5 stars (193 ratings)
  • 12,000 students enrolled
  • Beginner Level

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6. The Complete Web Developer Course – $199

Udemy Coupon - Ultimate Web Developer Course

This course contains a lot more than just WordPress, but with 235 lectures and over 29 hours of video, it’s no wonder why it has the most 5-star ratings out of any paid Udemy course. It’s probably the best deal on this page.

  • 5 stars (13,000 ratings)
  • 173,000 students enrolled
  • All Levels

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7. Step-by-Step Guide to WordPress Security – $149

Udemy Coupon - WordPress Course Security

With WordPress gaining popularity every day, it has become a target for hackers. This course cover topics like two-factor authentication, passwords, secure themes & plugins, and even what to do if your site has already been hacked.

  • 5 stars (21 ratings)
  • 4,000 students enrolled
  • All Levels

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8. Create Your Membership Website with WordPress Course – $199

Udemy Coupon - Create Membership Websites with WordPress

This WordPress course will teach you how to build your own membership site. Everything from hosting, membership levels, payment options, email marketing & coupon codes.

  • 5 stars (156 ratings)
  • 4,200 students enrolled
  • Beginner Level

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9. Build an Ecommerce Website with WordPress Course – $199

Udemy Coupon - Build Ecommerce WordPress Site

This course combines the power of WordPress, WooCommerce & Printful to show you how to build your own ecommerce store and start selling custom products.

  • 4.5 stars (36 ratings)
  • 7,800 students enrolled
  • All Levels

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10. WordPress Marketing Plugins & Tools – $97

Udemy Coupon - WordPress Marketing Plugins & Tools

Dennis Smith explains all the tools & plugins he used to market his own self-published book. All course material is up-to-date as of Nov 1.

  • 5 stars (16 ratings)
  • 6,200 students enrolled
  • Intermediate Level

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If you’ve tried any of these WordPress courses, please leave your feedback in the comments. Or if I left your course off the list, please share it :-)

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