What is myftpupload.com?

myftpupload.com domain

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If you’ve ever used GoDaddy’s web hosting, you might have seen myftpupload.com somewhere in your control panel. Admittedly, it’s a strange looking domain, and it has nothing to do with your site whatsoever. Let me briefly explain what myftpupload.com is, and why you might see it in your GoDaddy hosting account.

What is myftpupload.com?

myftpupload.com is registered to Wild West Domains, LLC (a GoDaddy sister company). You get a server error when trying to access myftpupload.com directly, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t using it.

myftpupload.com is used as a temporary domain when setting up new GoDaddy hosting accounts. When purchasing hosting through GoDaddy, they don’t require you to own a domain name. This is where myftpupload.com comes into play.

How GoDaddy uses myftpupload.com?

Within minutes after you’ve purchased hosting, you are able to upload files to your server, install web applications (WordPress, other CMS, ecommerce applications, etc.), and preview your new website—all without having a unique domain name of your own.

GoDaddy’s platform creates a unique sub-domain on myftpupload.com for every new hosting plan. You aren’t required to use it, but until you’ve purchased your own domain name, it’s there if you need it. Your sub-domain might look something like this: a59.123.myftpupload.com.

This sub-domain is permanently assigned to your hosting account, so you can fall back to it at any time, even after your site’s been on its own, unique domain for years. GoDaddy’s hosting control panel provides a way for you to set the primary domain on the account. This is how you tell them what domain you want to use for your site: a59.123.myftpupload.com or mywebsite.com.

Other uses of myftpupload.com

As the name implies, and I’ve previously mentioned, you can use this unique sub-domain to upload files to your server. It acts as your FTP server address. You could also use your domain name itself (once you’ve added it to your hosting account), or use your server’s IP address, which you can find in your hosting control panel. But your myftpupload.com domain works, too.

myftpupload.com Whois Information

You can lookup the whois info for myftpupload.com here. You’ll notice the following:

  • Owned by Wild West Domains, LLC (sister company of GoDaddy)
  • Purchased on Jan 8, 2013
  • Expires on Jan 8, 2023

GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons. They are headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and their current CEO is Blake Irving. They manage over 61 million domain names, and sell other internet-related products & services (web hosting, business email, ecommerce, email marketing, etc.).

Do you know something about myftpupload.com that I don’t? Please share in the comments.

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    there is more of problem with this temp domain because when i try my website مقيم and active CDN for the website all file like css and java and some plugin are broken because cdn deliver it to temp domain and when i contact GoDaddy support they do noting they only say disable cdn>

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    1. (Author) /

      Sorry to hear about your struggles, مقيم, but that’s something you’ll have to either take up with GoDaddy, or switch to a different host. We recommend Kinsta & Cloudways. Both have great staging platforms that are easier to work with.

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