List of Jetpack Widget PHP Class Names

If you didn’t already know, you can add WordPress widgets to your template files to display them anywhere on your site. The Jetpack plugin gives us a handful of useful widgets, but in order to use them outside of the sidebar, we need to know their PHP class names.

I couldn’t find a list anywhere, but one of Jetpack’s lead developers pointed me in the right direction. So I did all the dirty work for you. Here’s the list of Jetpack widget PHP class names, so you can place them anywhere in your theme with the method outlined in the link above.

  • Jetpack_Subscriptions_Widget – Adds a signup form for visitors to receive new posts by email
  • Jetpack_Display_Posts_Widget – Displays recent posts from a or Jetpack-enabled self-hosted WordPress site
  • WPCOM_Widget_Facebook_LikeBox – Displays a Facebook Like box with several options for page URL, showing faces, friend activity & wall posts
  • Jetpack_Gallery_Widget – Displays a gallery or slideshow of images, with options to open up the Jetpack Carousel, or link to an attachment page or the file itself
  • Jetpack_Gravatar_Profile_Widget – Displays a mini version of a person’s Gravatar profile. Choose an existing user or enter any email address.
  • Jetpack_Image_Widget – Adds a single image to your site, with options for alt text, caption, alignment & a destination URL
  • Jetpack_RSS_Links_Widget – Displays links to an RSS feed. Can show posts, comments or both, and optionally an image for each feed item.
  • Jetpack_Readmill_Widget – Allows users to send a book to their device or tablet
  • Jetpack_Top_Posts_Widget – Displays your most viewed posts & pages, based on Site Stats data
  • Jetpack_Twitter_Timeline_Widget – Displays an official Twitter Embedded Timeline with a few custom styling options & a limit on number of tweets

Example Usage

<?php the_widget( 'Jetpack_Subscriptions_Widget' ); ?>

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