How to Turn On/Off GoDaddy Auto Renew

GoDaddy Auto Renew - Ultimate Guide

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GoDaddy auto renew is enabled by default for most new GoDaddy products, including domain names, hosting accounts, website builders, etc. If you have long-term plans for your website, this serves you well. But we don’t always know what we want a year in advance, and things can always change. Not to mention the fact that GoDaddy’s auto renew will charge you the full price of the product, and not give you the chance to enter a coupon or discount code.

It’s easy to turn off… once you know where to look. I’ll show you how to turn off GoDaddy’s auto renew for several different products (it’s a little different for each). I’ll even show you how to change the default setting for all future domain purchases.

GoDaddy Auto Renew for Domains

  • Make sure you’re logged into the correct GoDaddy account
  • Navigate to your “My Account” page (see images below for a few different ways to get there)
  • Navigate to “My Products”
GoDaddy Account Settings from Top Nav
From the homepage, click your Username, then look for “Account Settings” in the dropdown
GoDaddy Account Links from Dropdown
From within any My Account page, click your Username, and choose My Products

GoDaddy Domain Control Panel

  • Locate “Domains” and click the “MANAGE” button
    • This will open up your Domain Control Panel

GoDaddy Product List - Domains

  • In the top-right corner of your list of domains, you look for “Edit Columns”
    • Make sure “Auto-Renew” is checked. Click OK.

GoDaddy Domains - Edit Columns

  • Hover over the checkmark in the Auto Renew column. It should turn into a link. Click “Edit.”

GoDaddy Domain Auto Renew Link

GoDaddy Auto Renew Settings (Domains)

  • Look for “Auto Renew.” Choose the radio button for On or Off.
  • Make sure you click “Save” when you’re finished

GoDaddy Auto Renew Modal

Bulk Auto Renew Domains

You can also select multiple domains and change their auto renew in bulk.

  • Navigate to your Domain Control Center
  • Hover over the checkmark in the top column, right next to “Domain Name”
  • Choose “All”
  • Click the “Renew” button at the top of the list
  • Click “Manage Auto-renew Settings”
  • Select On or Off under “Auto-Renew”
  • Click “Save”
GoDaddy Auto Renew Domains in Bulk
Click image for animation

Change GoDaddy Auto Renew Domain Default Settings

It would get rather tedious to change the auto renew settings for every product that you bought. Thankfully, GoDaddy allows you to set a default auto renew setting for domain names.

  • Navigate to your “Account Settings”

GoDaddy Account Settings from Top Nav

GoDaddy Domain Defaults

  • Click on “Domain Defaults” near the bottom of your settings

GoDaddy Account Settings Domain Defaults

  • Click the “View/Edit” link

GoDaddy Domain Defaults List

  • Look for the “Always renew my domains” option
  • Choose “Automatically” or “Manually”
  • Click “Save Changes” at the bottom

GoDaddy Domain Defaults Page

All future domain purchases will now adhere to your updated domain default settings.

GoDaddy Auto Renew for Hosting

GoDaddy auto renew for hosting is a bit different, but it’s actually even easier.

NOTE: The steps are the same for GoDaddy WordPress hosting, Office 365 email products, and most other GoDaddy products.

  • Navigate to your “My Products” page
  • Click the + sign next to “Web Hosting”, or just click on the name itself
  • Click the “Options” button
    • This will open up a modal with your hosting settings

GoDaddy Hosting Options Modal

  • At the top of the modal window, click the “Customize” tab
  • Look towards the bottom for “Auto Renew”
  • Choose your option: On or Off
    • Your changes are automatically saved. No need to click any Save button.

Turn Off Auto-Renew

I hope you enjoyed this guide to turning on/off GoDaddy auto renew for all of your products. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere. I’m happy to help.

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