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This page is currently under construction. I just launched version 2.0 of the site, and will be detailing the entire build process here. I’m still working on all the tutorials, but until then, feel free to explore the sites, services & plugins below.


  • We currently use WP Engine as our web host, and for the most part, are happy with its features, performance & security. Get 20% off your first payment » (use code SPEEDUP) — This is an affiliate link. You get solid hosting at a discount. We get a small commission. Win-win :-)

Site Speed & Optimization


Although WP Engine does include a CDN (through MaxCDN) with our plan, we switched to KeyCDN in Dec 2015. They provide a lot more control & flexibility, and clearing cache is nearly instantaneous, which you don’t get with WP Engine. They also offer a free SSL for hosting all your assets, which is crucial if you’re switching your site to https (which you should be ;-). And for our current amount of traffic, we’re paying no more than $0.05/mo. Yep, you read that right. Five cents. Incredibly affordable & scalable.


  • Hybrid Core… with a hint of Underscores
    • We built wpsmackdown.com on top of the Hybrid Core framework from Justin Tadlock. It gives us full control over our markup, but adds a ton of common sense features that most themes don’t pay attention to. There are a few, small instances where we referenced the Underscores starter theme, and may have borrowed some code.
    • If you’re getting into theme development, I highly recommend checking them both out.



  • simple comment editing
  • comment quicktags
  • akismet

Backend, Admin & Writing



SEO, Marketing & Analytics