About WP Smackdown

History & Purpose

WP Smackdown launched in 2013 out of the desire to give back to the WordPress community. There are an abundance of WordPress information, tips, tutorials & news sites that already exist. My goal is not to simply be another WP-whatchamacallit in an already over-saturated ecosystem. Rather, I’m trying to put the power back into the hands of WordPress developers & admins alike, by teaching & training them to take control of their WordPress sites, and get the most out of the world’s greatest CMS.

This site is still in its infant stages, but as all quality, long-lasting sites do, I’m focusing on content first. Plans are in the works for better organization and a cleaner, more intuitive design. I hope to offer additional WordPress resources in the future, including ebooks, video courses, and various other forms of training.

If you have any questions, please reach out via:


Joanna & Dave are the masterminds behind the Richmond, VA-based agency, Escape Creative. Focusing almost exclusively on WordPress websites for several years, we decided it was time to give back to the community that had already given us so much. Joanna has since moved on to even greater things, leaving Dave as the sole owner & operator of wpsmackdown.com.

Rest assured that I thoroughly vet all information before I pass it along to you. My attention-to-detail is unmatched, and you’ll notice that with every piece of content I write. I’m a one-man-show (for now), but I’m serious about helping the world do awesome things with WordPress. On the flip side, I also know how to let loose, laugh it up & have a great time.

Dave Warfel, Richmond VA
Dave & Joanna on the Canal Walk in Richmond, VA
Dave doing handstand on Canal Walk

Incredible photography & animated .gifs created by the amazing Sarah Brown of Brown Photography.