About WP Smackdown

We’re in the process of rebranding to Sage Software, where we’ll still teach WordPress, but will be expanding into many other types of software as well. We will update everything below once our new brand is fully launched.

History & Purpose

WP Smackdown launched in 2013 out of the desire to give back to the WordPress community. There are an abundance of WordPress information, tips, tutorials & news sites that already exist. My goal is not to simply be another WP-whatchamacallit in an already over-saturated ecosystem. Rather, I’m trying to put the power back into the hands of WordPress developers & admins alike, by teaching & training them to take control of their WordPress sites, and get the most out of the world’s greatest CMS.

While the site has been around for several years, it is currently in the process of being reborn. In early 2017, I moved to Boulder, CO to fulfill my burning desire for adventure. Alongside this huge life change, I have also committed to making WP Smackdown my #1 business priority. In April 2017, I completely revamped the site, creating a platform on which to deliver top-notch, unique & truly valuable content.

How I Make Money

This site is supported by advertising, in addition to small businesses offering WordPress-related products & services. While it is my sincere hope to, one day, go completely ad-free, I need financial support in order to continue creating great content.

With that being said, I’d like to make something 100% clear: my audience always comes first. I will never recommend a product or service unless I truly believe it to be worthwhile. And I make every effort to a) show ads that are related to the content you are viewing, and b) not allow those ads to get in your way.

Another thing that makes WP Smackdown unique? I am the sole content creator. I have nothing against freelance writers in the industry. Some, in fact, are quite good. But I built this site because I love writing, being creative, & helping people solve problems. And I truly believe I have a great gift in all three of those areas.

Thanks for following along on my journey. Read on for a few simple stats, and a fun animated .gif of the founders.

– Dave Warfel

Super Simple Site Stats

Currently, we have published:

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Joanna & Dave were the co-founders of Escape Creative, a web design & development agency originally located in Richmond, VA. We focused almost exclusively on WordPress websites for several years. Then, we decided it was time to give back to the WordPress community. Thus, WP Smackdown was born. Joanna has since moved on to even greater things, leaving Dave as the sole owner & operator of wpsmackdown.com.

Dave Warfel, Richmond VA
Dave & Joanna on the Canal Walk in Richmond, VA
Dave doing handstand on Canal Walk

Incredible photography & animated .gifs created by the amazing Sarah Brown of Brown Photography.