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How to Use Dashicons for Custom Post Types

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” has officially been out since December 12th, and here at WP Smackdown, we unanimously love the new admin design. We loved the design so much, we couldn’t...

WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode

WordPress Distraction Free Writing Mode

Even with WordPress 3.8’s new admin design, the post writing & editing screen still contains a lot of distractions. If your theme has a lot of options, or you have...

List of WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Writing

WordPress was created first and foremost as a publishing platform. While it can now be utilized for just about any type of web content or application, at it’s core, all...

How to Create WordPress Email Link

How to Create a WordPress Email Link

WordPress makes it easy to add content to any page on your site, but when it comes to linking that content to other websites & email addresses, there are a...


How to Edit Images in WordPress

Most people don’t know that WordPress has a great image editor built right into the WordPress admin. The image editor allows you to crop, rotate, flip and scale any images...

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts - Moderate Comments

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts to Moderate Comments

Moderating comments in WordPress is fairly straight-forward, but many people don’t know about the keyboard shortcuts that make this even easier. Especially for blogs that receive a lot of comments,...

How to Create a Custom WordPress Admin Color Scheme

Create a Custom WordPress Admin Color Scheme

WordPress 3.8 introduced admin color schemes. It came packaged with 8 options, and the WordPress core team released a plugin┬áthat adds 8 more. But if you’re a developer who builds...