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WPCore - Batch Install WordPress Plugins

How to Batch Install WordPress Plugins

For those of us who setup new WordPress installations frequently, installing the same plugins over and over again can get tedious. But we all know there’s a handful of essentials...

List of Jetpack Widget PHP Class Names

List of Jetpack Widget PHP Class Names

If you didn’t already know, you can add WordPress widgets to your template files to display them anywhere on your site. The Jetpack plugin gives us a handful of useful...

Add a WordPress Widget in Your Template

Add a WordPress Widget in Your Template

Have you ever wanted to use a WordPress’ widget somewhere other than your sidebar? WordPress has a template tag called the_widget() which allows you to add a widget directly in your template files,...

Using WP Engine’s CDN: Page Speed Comparison

Using WP Engine’s CDN: Page Speed Comparison

In our previous speed comparison of GoDaddy WordPress hosting vs. WP Engine’s hosting, WP Engine showed faster page load times. Let’s expand upon that test by adding the built-in WP Engine...

GoDaddy WordPress hosting - up & running

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting – Domain Setup

This is part 2 of migrating your site to GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting. Read part 1 which talked about selecting a plan, activating the service & moving your files and database...

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Setup

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting – Site Migration

As many of you are already aware, GoDaddy has entered the managed WordPress hosting space. For a hosting company that is known for its inexpensive, shared hosting plans, many are wondering about...

How to Create WordPress Email Link

How to Create a WordPress Email Link

WordPress makes it easy to add content to any page on your site, but when it comes to linking that content to other websites & email addresses, there are a...